Wednesday, April 10, 2013

New Release By Stephen Ormsby

For all of you horror fans out there, I highly recommend you check out Pendant: The Undead Hunters (Book one) by the amazing Stephen Ormsby. I read the novella that goes with this series, Road To Hell, and let me tell you......WOW! Ormsby has a way of writing that you can vividly see and feel the characters. Pendant currently has a 5 star rating on Amazon. Check out the cover and blurb!

Varnok the Great Wizard wants revenge against the people who burnt him at the stake for murder three hundred years before. He has waited patiently in Hell for his opportunity. Now, the Pendant has come together, and the time to make the pay for their actions against him is here. He will release his power upon Earth. Maggie finds half a pendant in a sea-side market and Logan is given his by family, forcing the two into a horrific world they had never imagined, and running for their lives. Will they learn the secret of the Pendant before it is too late? Will there new-found love be strong enough to stop Varnok, a three hundred year old Wizard from the pits of Hell? Pendant is the first book in The Undead Hunters series.
Purchase Links:
Amazon---> Road To Hell
Smashwords---> Road To Hell

Amazon---> Pendant
Smashwords---> Pendant

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