Monday, June 24, 2013

Whisky On My Mind Review

Synopsis from Amazon

Life for Whisky McKenna is no longer hanging in limbo. She’s now part owner of her father’s Bar and Grill and back in college finishing her degree. With Sawyer Riley; all six feet of brooding denim and leather at her side, life should be getting easier…but loving Sawyer was never going to be an easy choice; not when he came with a motorcycle club as a third wheel in their relationship.
Added to that, a new threat has emerged bringing with it a complication in the form of her old lover, Caleb Santiago.
Past secrets and old hurts are forced to the surface as Whisky struggles to adjust to her life as Sawyer’s old lady while trying not to lose everything she’s worked so hard for in the process.
Can she love Sawyer and accept his life without letting go of everything that was once important to her? Or will sharing him with the club be too big a sacrifice?

My Review

As predicted, I loved Whisky On My Mind. I may have enjoyed it more than the first book in the series. I was able to welcome most of my favorite characters back and sit back and watch the drama unfold. We are talking about major drama, but I absolutely loved how the drama was handled and dealt with. Ah! It is so hard not to dive right in and spill the beans about what was sooooo great about this book. However, I won’t. I will just touch the tip of the ice berg and leave the rest for you to find out on your own.
Anyways, moving on so I don’t say too much. Sawyer. Oh so wonderful Sawyer. Tattooed hottie that sings, Sawyer. Yes, he is oh-so-yummy.  There was a brief moment in the book that I hated him and wished a very horrific and painful death, but he made up for it. I guess I was just a bit too emotional at that point. I eventually came to my senses and forgave him. He did pretty dang good at making up for it, by the way. Just like I knew he would. Okay so I had my doubts for a few minutes; you would have too, don’t judge. Ha ha. When I started reading this book, I only thought Sawyer was near perfect. I was so wrong! By the end of the book, Sawyer had completely surprised me and won my heart 110%.
I really liked how we were able to see more of Whisky’s and Bella’s relationship; even when Bella was being a total brat. It was enjoyable seeing how they were together rather than just over the phone. Bella is the best friend most of us wish we had.
I may have almost thrown my Kindle against the wall. Slutty, conniving waitresses just make me angry. I wanted to reach through the Kindle and rip Kiki’s hair out. She should have had a lot more done to her. She got off too easy, in my opinion. I’m sure Bella and I could take out some good revenge if we put our minds together. Ha ha ha ha!
I loved how the book had so much drama. It really keeps you on your toes. It was a roller coaster of emotions. So many ups and downs, it was awesome. If you know me then you would know that the more a book makes me feel emotion, the more I LOVE the book. Especially if it makes me cry. Those end up being my favorite books. Whisky On My Mind had me crying. Both good and bad tears. It was amazing.
If you have not read these books yet, what are you waiting for? You will thank me forever after you meet Sawyer. Trust me ;)

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  1. AnonymousJune 24, 2013

    Wow , you have convinced me I should read this book. As far as the emtional highs & lows, well isn't that stressful? LOL Only asking that because I watched your reactions as you read the book. I witnessed you're face becoming a red beet, you're ears appeared to have smoke pouring out, then a chapter or two later, you had a sweet peaceful smile. Love your passion for books & grateful to the wonderful Authors for their passion in story telling.

  2. lol yes it can be stressful at times, but that is what makes a book so good :)